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Dream big for your next event and make sure that all your guests can see what’s going on.

Hughie's Video Solutions

With our video screens and projectors, you’re not limited in screen size except for the size of your venue and your budget. Let us help you integrate projection into your next event.

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it’s no wonder that more people are aware of projection technology today. Our equipment isn’t what you would find in a home theater and we offer professional grade projectors and screens for different purposes.  From movies in the park to a regional conference, video projection is an integral part of most of the events for which we provide services.

Hughie’s inventory is home to projectors and monitors both big and small to support any event video production. We carry both standard definition and high definition models. Need a video recording of your event? We have high definition cameras to capture it all.

Our LED wall is environmentally friendly display and consumes only a fraction of the power consumption and heat generation of other LED displays. It can withstand challenging environments and works great both indoors and out, even in the daylight.

Our matched projectors are available with a variety of lenses for different throw distances and lumens depending on the size and amount of light in a venue.

Surfaces are available for front or rear projection and in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. For larger spaces, we have fabrics and cycs that have been chosen specifically for projection purposes. If your surface is a unique wall or shape, Hughie’s is also equipped for image blending to suit your event’s requirements.

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Over 60 years of event production have given us the expertise to create and deliver to your audiences an extraordinary experience. From national sales meetings, professional sports, collegiate sports, and university graduations, to large live events in entertainment, whatever the event, Hughie’s Event Production Service delivers YOUR vision!

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