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At the core of any event, you should be able to see and hear.

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At the core of any event, you should be able to see and hear. Basic lighting can provide you with the means to see in a dark room, change the color temperature or to shine a spotlight on performers. From conventional to LED to intelligent lighting systems, we can provide your custom event lighting. In addition to increasing visibility, lighting can also decorate your event. Use uplighting to highlight architecture in an event space. Add intelligent fixtures and a programming wing for a lighting design that can change at whim. For a splash of color, conventional lights and filters can be just right. The options for lighting are unique to every event and venue, indoor or outdoor.

There are three main types of lighting available for rental from Hughie’s. We keep an extensive inventory of conventional fixtures, LED lighting and intelligent lights and various forms of control. Let us put together your custom event lighting package.

Conventional fixtures, such as Fresnels, PARs and Ellipsoidals are used in various applications from stage lighting, uplighting and room wash. They can be colored with gel filters. LED lighting instruments are available in different formats and are able to be set to any color in their spectrum. They have a variety of different preset modes and colors and can also be used in conjunction with intelligent control.

Intelligent fixtures are the most versatile. They have the ability to change colors, position and are preset with a GOBO selection. These lights require an operator. Lighting changes with every venue and event and is customized to your specifications. Create an environment with layers of light and color.

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Over 60 years of event production have given us the expertise to create and deliver to your audiences an extraordinary experience. From national sales meetings, professional sports, collegiate sports, and university graduations, to large live events in entertainment, whatever the event, Hughie’s Event Production Service delivers YOUR vision!

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