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Audio is the foundation of any event. Sometimes it is only a microphone with two speakers. Other times you will need a full line-array, mixer and multiple microphones.


Dream big for your next event and make sure that all your guests can see what’s going on. With projection, you’re not limited in screen size except for the size of your venue and your budget.

Staging / Rigging

With StageRight staging systems, you can have your stage where you need it. On a hill or on top of the steps, this staging is made for all types of terrain. It is even adjustable for height.


At the core of any event, you should be able to see and hear. Basic lighting can provide you with the means to see in a dark room, change the color temperature or to shine a spotlight on performers.

Scenic Design

With our newest category of Décor and scenic design, it has never been easier to host an event that has the best in audio and video but also looks spectacular.

Special Events

Do you have an event that requires more than just one service? Hughie’s is able to take all of our equipment and experience to take your event to the next level.

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