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Reliable sound equipment for any size of event, from keynotes to concerts.

Hughie's Audio Solutions

Audio equipment rental is the foundation of any event. Sometimes it is only a microphone with two speakers. Other times you will need a full line-array, mixer and multiple microphones. Hughie’s has a diverse inventory of equipment that can provide you with the audio capabilities you need to help make your event sound as amazing as it looks. Speakers, microphones and mixing consoles are just the fundamentals of what Hughie’s has to offer our clients. We will build on standard systems to create a custom option for your event, whether it is a live concert, regional conference or announcements at an event. Our experienced audio technicians will install and operate the equipment properly, providing the best quality possible.

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Special Events

Your vision is our inspiration

Over 60 years of event production have given us the expertise to create and deliver to your audiences an extraordinary experience. From national sales meetings, professional sports, collegiate sports, and university graduations, to large live events in entertainment, whatever the event, Hughie’s Event Production Service delivers YOUR vision!

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