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Who We Are

From our company’s inception in 1953, Hughie’s Event Production Services has been considered a premiere source of quality event production service and professional industry equipment in the Ohio and Western Pennsylvania region.

With our regional offices in Cleveland, Ohio and  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are able to serve clients nationally as well as locally.

Hughie’s has always placed the highest value on quality of service to the client and focuses on the satisfaction throughout and after each event. From our sales staff to our on-site technicians, we are all focused on each show and our client’s overall happiness. We work harder than the competition by hiring technicians with experience in the field and purchasing equipment as new technology becomes available.

As our business relationships have prospered, so has our reputation as a great company to work with. Hughie’s has traveled world-wide, fulfilling a variety of event production needs for all types of clients. We have moved beyond “Audio-Visual” and have truly begun to focus on Event Production. We are proud to offer rigging, staging, lighting and décor services in addition to traditional audio and video. Our warehouse has been continually expanding its inventory in all areas to better serve clients that are looking for the state of the art technology that will take their show to the next level.

Even these categories cannot encompass all that we are able to do. We have video equipment ranging from LED and plasma monitors to HD video projectors and screens. These are integrated with technology that is designed for ultra-wide screen display that is perfect for conventions. Pair this with live cameras, switchers and a control board and your event becomes a total production. With options within video to fully customize your events, our clients expect a truly unique experience.

Hughie’s provides the same quality and choice in all our fields of expertise. From outdoor roof systems, concert audio, theatrical lighting, all shapes and sizes of staging and fully customizable décor, we have fully embraced event production. Pair this equipment with staff that is willing to design, coordinate and implement events and offers client registration for shows and it is easy to see how easy it can be to choose Hughie’s for your production needs.

As we have said before, our people are our strength. We rely on our staff to bring with them a vast array of knowledge and experience and we believe that great equipment is nothing without support from technicians who understand how to operate it. Hughie’s is a service company in every sense of the industry. Our customer service is excellent, from office to warehouse to show site and the services that we offer in the technical field are top-notch. With all of our resources, years of knowledge in the event production industry, cutting-edge technology and expert staff, you can rely on our team working closely with yours to ensure many successful events.

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