Date: 22 Oct 2015


National Finals is a 6 day action-packed event. The first 2 days consist of convention classes, scholarship auditions, title competition activities, and opening number rehearsals. Solo and Duo/Trio competition takes place during the first half of the week with the Solo & Duo/Trio Dance-Off taking place mid-week where the top scoring Broadway and Hollywood level solos and duo/trios re-dance to compete for the Icon and Co-Stars awards. Groups take place during the second half of the week. The Off-Broadway & Broadway Group Dance-Off happens on night 5 with the top scoring groups re-dancing for a spot in the VIP LIST or the Critic’s Choice Award. The Production Showdown is on Day 6 where all Productions are featured and compete for Best Production. On the final night, following the “Hats Off to Nationals” VIP Wrap Party, the Hollywood Group Dance-Off and Final Awards Gala takes place.

The National Finals is equipped with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and staging. The stage sits three feet high in the ballroom at 68 wide by 48 deep with wing space, run-around space, Marley flooring, and beautifully designed background.

Dancers leave the VIP Dance National Finals with tons of feedback, rejuvenated motivation, plenty of exciting awards, great memories, many new friends, and of course, pictures on the red carpet! No other competition does it quite like VIP Dance!!!