Lighting up the Furry Parade!

Lighting up the Furry Parade!

Did you see us lighting up the Furry Parade for Pittsburgh?  Furry conventions are held in the U.S. and around the world. Anthrocon started in Albany, N.Y., in 1997 and has been held in Pittsburgh every year since 2006. It is scheduled to continue there through at least 2021. Attendees come from more than 34 countries.

The Background: Pittsburgh eagerly looks forward to the annual, July, Anthrocon Convention since its first arrival in 2006. One of their activities is a parade of all of their Furry Suiters which has traditionally been held inside the Convention Center. This year they decided to conduct the parade outside under the Convention Center over hang to offer Pittsburghers the opportunity to see the menagerie of animals and mythical creatures in all of their splendor.

The mission: Hughie’s was contacted to light the underpass of the Convention Center, which is extremely dim, and create an environment where the Furries could safely traverse the parade route and the audience could easily view the Furries parading by.

The Solution: Strategically placed Mole Fay and 2K Fresnel lighting fixtures utilized the white surfaces of the ceiling and walls to illuminate the parade route offering optimal viewing for the parade revelers and ensuring a safe pathway for the Furry participants.
The client was very happy with the result. Anthrocon is a very nice and appreciative group to work with and Hughie’s looks forward to working with our furry friends  and lighting up the Furry Parade next year!


Mike Pifer

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