LED Lighting and color mixing with Chauvet

LED Lighting and color mixing with Chauvet

The “hottest” LED light this year has been the The Chauvet Freedom™ Par Hex-4. It is the most colorful model in the next generation of the Freedom™ Par family. It has four 10-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs for that extra punch and the special effects that white and UV add to your LED Lighting and color mixing with Chauvet. The Freedom™ Par Hex-4 has a special limiter option for extending battery life so that when you use more than 4 colors you know you’ll get a good long show! The Freedom™ Par Hex-4 comes in black or white housing so it fits into any décor.

Freedom Par

These lights are 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated wash fixtures with built-in infrared remote control capability.  You can shine light where it is needed by using the built-in adjustable kickstand.  It is so easy to create a D-Fi transmitter simply by connecting a cabled DMX controller to the Freedom Par Hex-4.

They are even stored in handy carrying cases that plug right in for easy access to charging. This makes it simple to bring these to your event and are not nearly as bulky as the hard road cases that other lights are transported in.

chauvet dj case

Even with 180 units in our rental stock, we never have enough.  We have added both lights with the black or the white case. These are the perfect option for outdoor events or venues with power challenges.  Our customers love the fact that they’re battery operated and are available in white for weddings or black for production events.

Don’t let an event not look it’s best because there are no outlets or because there isn’t enough dedicated circuits for event lighting. Power is never an issue with the Chauvet Freedom™ Par Hex-4.  For your next event, consider the Chauvet Freedom™ Par Hex-4, you will be glad that you did!

Mike Pifer

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