Event decor

Event decor

Hughie’s is not just about “A/V” anymore. With our newest category of Décor, it has never been easier to host an event that has the best in audio and video but also looks spectacular. You already trust Hughie’s to meet your technology needs, now let us take care of your décor as well.

We offer an array of options to add color and dimension in any space. Our inventory of spandex shapes and structures will provide architectural detail to a large venue. Sheer voile can soften a room with austere features. Select a specialty fabric to create depth and interest in an otherwise neutral facility. Use a combination of spandex pieces and drape for a striking backdrop. The possibilities are endless and each event is customized to suit your needs.

Hughie’s designers are part of our knowledgeable staff that will work to create the perfect layout for your event. From the site survey to the final placement, it is all about your event and the general feeling that you wish to portray.

Fabric is the traditional element in Event Décor and Hughie’s offers a variety of options to choose from. We assist you in selecting quality, “Flame Retardant” certified fabrics to make your design a reality. With a multitude of specialty fabric to choose from, it is easy to customize your space.
Spandex structures and shapes are easy to move and assemble with huge impact. We can also help you with lighting, allowing you to change color with ease.

Décor can be used to both complement and to conceal a venue. Through drawings, photographs and renderings, our designers will work with your ideas and theme to ensure an aesthetically cohesive production.

There is no easy way to put the materials and design into a kit and we strive to make each design a reflection of the purpose of the event. Hughie’s has options for all sizes of venue or budget and will work with you to find out what will be best in all respects on an individual level. Please contact your account executive with any questions about custom solutions.

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