Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

With Earth Day among us, we thought we would share some of our environmental and sustainability initiatives . Hughie’s Event Production Services is doing its part to save the planet through a highly coordinated Sustainability Program that is drastically reducing our environmental footprint while moving us closer to a zero-waste production facility. We have put many environmental and sustainability initiatives in place. In 2013, we replaced over 500 old fluorescent and incandescent bulbs with new energy efficient, low watt fixtures. This affected over 90,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. When we improved the lighting, we received incentives and rebates from First Energy and other government programs. It was an easy decision to make the change. It literally, brightened everyone’s day at the office!

warehouse 001

On average, we recycle over 1,000 pounds of cardboard each month. We fill our recycling bins each week with paper, plastic and glass and aluminum. As a result of our recycling efforts, our waste removal costs see a 50% annual reduction. We are constantly recycling electronics, batteries, laptops, televisions, monitors, aluminum trussing and any other obsolete equipment. After 60+ years in business, we are continually upgrading our equipment and look for options to properly recycle the older, outdated equipment.

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Last year we replaced our boiler. This has brought us a cost savings of almost $10,000 in the first year alone. All in all, we are supporting the planet and the initiative to make this a better, greener place to live.


Mike Pifer

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