Hughie’s is not just about “AV” anymore.

With our newest category of Décor and scenic design, it has never been easier to host an event that has the best in audio and video but also looks spectacular. You already trust Hughie’s to meet your technology needs, now let us take care of your décor as well.

We offer an array of options to add color and dimension in any space. Our inventory of spandex shapes and structures will provide architectural detail to a large venue. Sheer voile can soften a room with austere features. Select a specialty fabric to create depth and interest in an otherwise neutral facility. Use a combination of spandex pieces and drape for a striking backdrop. The possibilities are endless and each event is customized to suit your needs. Hughie’s designers are part of our knowledgeable staff that will work to create the perfect layout for your event. From the site survey to the final placement, it is all about your event and the general feeling that you wish to portray.

Make your basketball court a ballroom; fill the empty space in an industrial ceiling with color; paint your venue with customized light design and fabric. Hang a 4’ Mirror ball from the ceiling.  The options are endless.

Create a space that will make your guests look around and even up! Hughie’s offers many options for ceiling treatments, including structured spandex elements, truss and fabric combinations and traditional sheer coverings.

Through drawings, photographs and renderings, our designers will work with your ideas and theme to ensure an aesthetically cohesive production. Fabric is the traditional element in Event Décor and we offer a variety of options to choose from. We assist you in selecting quality, “Flame Retardant” certified fabrics to make your design a reality. With a multitude of specialty fabric to choose from, it is easy to customize your space.


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Audio is the foundation of any event. Sometimes it is only a microphone with two speakers. Other times you will need a full line-array, mixer and multiple microphones.


Dream big for your next event and make sure that all your guests can see what’s going on. With projection, you’re not limited in screen size except for the size of your venue and your budget


At the core of any event, you should be able to see and hear. Basic lighting can provide you with the means to see in a dark room, change the color temperature or to shine a spotlight on performers.


Hughie’s is not just about “AV” anymore. With our newest category of Décor, it has never been easier to host an event that has the best in audio and video but also looks spectacular.


With StageRight staging systems, you can have your stage where you need it. On a hill or on top of the steps, this staging is made for all types of terrain. It is even adjustable for height.


HAVP is our facility management division. We maintain an independent audio visual department within conference facilities that require experienced AV technicians and state of the art equipment to service their guests.